For a vinyl player, the TRNTBL is pretty clever. It automatically recognises the tune on the decks and adjusts your streaming service account (only Spotify for now) accordingly. Your friends on social media can see what you’ve been spinning and you can build playlists directly. The TRNTBL allows you to enjoy analogue records in the way the artists always intended and also offers the option of untethered streaming via Airplay or Bluetooth. TRNTBL claims that the wireless streaming is of the uncompressed variety, but that remains to be confirmed.

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See Note

If you were to arrange your gadgets in a hierarchy from the most to least useful, this 4.7” ePaper touchscreen would shoot right to the top of the list. It’s essentially
a smart sticky note that syncs with your apps and services to give you timely reminders. Synchronise it with your Google account, for instance, and you’ll get traffic warnings via Google Maps delivered straight to your device. According to manufacturers, you will get one month of use from a single charge, which is pretty impressive for an always-on display that’s connected to WiFi.

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Lego Technic Porsche

It may not be a photo-realistic model, but what this Lego creation lacks
in sculpted metal, it makes up for in sheer awesomeness. First, you have to build it from scratch, brick by brick. Then when you’re done, you’ll realise
that the suspension actually works like the real car. When you try flick
a paddle on the steering column, you’ll have your mind blown as the PDK gearbox starts shifting cogs. While there seems to be no practical purpose in having a functional PDK in a Lego car, it’s there and we actually cannot deal with how amazing it is.

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This is a smart wallet, but not in the way you’d expect. With many men opting for the simplicity of the money
clip to hold their cash and cards together, TROVE presents a leather and elastic construction that looks
as simple and elegant as a money clip, but does a whole
lot more. There are three compartments and the wallet
can be contorted to prioritise any one of them. Your
hard currency, cards and even earbuds will find a stylish home inside a TROVE wallet.

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Leica M-D

You’re still getting the exceptional Leica M-series camera performance with the 24 MP sensor and lens compatibility, but without all the embellishments. Gone is the red dot logo and LCD viewfinder. Yes, you read right. Leica want this to be
a vintage photographic experience where all framing is done with your eyeball at the lens. What you get on the rear is an ISO dial and distraction-free shooting, and the added surprise of seeing your pics for the first time in edit.

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